Friday, December 23, 2011

FAKE?!!!! Beyonce Pregnancy Timeline

Folks, this timeline is very long, detailed, and draw dropping.  Please observe this ridiculous growing and shrinking baby bump Beyonce has showed the public.  Do it with an open mind, and a critical tongue!  Here Goes!

Beyonce walks the red carpet at the VMA's in this orange oversized ensemble looking ridiculous, but clearly 'pregnant' (let her tell it).  She selfishly turns to the side, and shows her 'baby bump' to the world prior to performing her horrible single on the VMA's.
This is the 'money shot' so to speak.  Beyonce had no regards for her fellow performers who all shared the night together at the VMA's, she just had to be the star of the show by announcing her pregnancy on the red carpet as well as the stage.
AUGUST 8 2011: As soon as she finished performing that horrible number "Love on Top" she dropped the mic and embraced this ridiculous baby bump.  The night of the VMAs was August 28, 2011.  We are not sure how many months pregnant this bitch is at this moment, but continue to follow my timeline to find out.

July 1 2011 (above) The pics of her in yellow are of Beyonce on Good Morning America  prior to announcing her pregnancy.   Looks like she had a washboard bump.  Lets look at some more pics of Beyonce prior to announcing her pregnancy.
JUNE 7 2011: (above) Here she is at the Essence Photo Shoot for the July 2011 cover.    Hmm.... If you want to see footage of this slut in action at her photo shoot, click here  but in the meantime, lets move forward....

AUGUST 14 2011: Here she is at Roseland Ballroom performing in order to put this trash on a DVD and sell it.  (the sales were of lackluster numbers and poor revenue, selling only 5000 copies :-/  She did a premeditated move by wearing this garment to cover her bump but it didn't work.  We can still tell theres no bump to speak of.
SEPTEMBER 4 2011 Beyonces birthday is on September 4th so here she is on a boat for her 30th birthday in Venice enjoying what appears to be an alcoholic cocktail along with a flat bump.  The bump is GONE!!!  WOW!!!  Are you suspicious of this pregnancy yet?  You should be!  Exactly one week prior at the VMA's, she was protruding through her clothes and now she has no bump to speak of.  Beyonce, have a seat!!!  OK so after the birthday cruise, she heads to Croatia... lets continue

SEPTEMBER 6 2011 - Shortly after Beyonce announced her pregnancy, the public was anxiously anticipating her first candid pic of the baby bump uncovered and BOY DID SHE DELIVER LMAO!!.  She surfaces in Hvar, Croatia on vacation with her husband, Jay-Z.   I googled around, and it appears this pic was taken September 6 2011.  This is when eyebrows start to raise and skepticism starts to rise.  It looks like shes pushing her belly out with air and she ate a ton of food to appear larger!  She also takes her purse and covers her bump, Jay-Z looks embarrassed.... So sad!!!

SEPTEMBER 7 2011 (above) Heres Beyonce and hubby, Jay-Z leaving Croatia after their short vacation on September 7th 2011.  She appears pregnant again, saggy tittys and all .... chile' boo!  Lets keep going.

SEPTEMBER 8 2011 (no pic) Beyonce announces that she is pulling out the LIVE performance for the Michael Jackson tribute concert.  Photographers were pissed that they wouldn't have an opportunity to photograph her baby bump.  When I heard of the cancellation, I knew she had something to hide

SEPTEMBER 12 2011 (above)  After their vacation, they went back home to NYC.  Here we see Beyonce and Jay-Z in the Tribeca section of NYC outside of Locanda Verde restaurant.

September 13 2011 EARLY IN THE DAY, Beyonce and Solange attended Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week together, looks like she had bad gas!

SEPTEMBER 13 2011- (above) later that same day, Beyonce shows up in a Michael Kors designer dress at the grand opening of Designer Tori Burchs flagship store BUMPLESS again!  What the fuuuuuck is going on with this girl,

September 18 2011, in NYC looking like a pillow is stuffed in her dress.  Who mad? LMAO!

SEPTEMBER 19 2011 (above)Beyonce attends the launch of House of Dereon London edition with her mother, how many times must I say this.... shes bumpless.

SEPTEMBER 21 2011 (above)Beyonce launches her PULSE fragrance in NYC, and surprise surprise, she has a baby bump!!!

sept 25 2011 Harold Square Macys

September 22-25 2011, 3 days, 3 bump sizes LMAO!

September 22-25 2011 (above) PULSE LAUNCH PICS, various bump the way, the fragrance did NOT sell well:(

October 11, 2011 (above) The rumor mill went into overdrive when Beyonce showed up on Australias Sunday night HD show for an interview.  Prior to sitting down, her bump disappeared and her face looked like THIS after she got caught LOL (below)
OMG, isn't that face priceless?!!!  Major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and a few more reported on this deflating bump and it went VIRAL, chile' DO-YOU-HEAR-ME!!!!  This day, is the very moment when mainstream as well as the average joe caught a whiff of something funky with that baby bump, or lack thereof.

OCTOBER 14 2011 (above) as if she knew she was caught, Beyonce comes out in NYC with a much more pronounced baby bump, even showing skin on the side as if to say " see, if it were fake, where is the prosthetic" but we all know prosthetics come in all shapes and sizes.  I assume she has on this brand (see below)
In order for Beyonce to show some peek a boo skin on the side, she must have opted for this brand of baby bump.  It did a small amount of justice to ward off the skeptics, but I was still on the trail....

OCTOBER 17 2011 (above) Beyonce leaves an office building with baby bump in tow, or is there a bump?  I don't know.... Also, notice that the paps haven't really given this woman a break!  We have yet to see her arrive to a doctors office for a check-up so is she really pregnant or what?

October 18 2011 Beyonce shops with Kanye West and Jay-Z and her prosthetic in tow

October 18 2011 Beyonce parties in Carroll Park (NYC) with friends.  Look at how shes leaning forward in high heels.  Hardly a stance a pregnant woman would take.  Shes also standing while holding her back, I guess she realized she was out of character and quickly snapped back into the role of a pregnant woman.  Everyone knows Beyonce is a bad actress....

OCTOBER 19 2011 Beyonce steps out in all black, high heels of course, and bumpless.  Now, lets see her bump only 6 days later.  (see below)

OCTOBER 25 2011 Here she is with a humongous baby bump only 6 days after the previous pic.  Do you smell something fishy about this?  I know you do, bishes.... stay with me, now.

NOVEMBER 1 2011 NO BUMP, do you see one?  I sure as hell don't and its only 6 days later from the previous pics I posted!!!!  The rumor mill has been churning out stories of the surrogate being pregnant with a girl.  Kelly Rowland also slipped and told the sex of the baby.  Google it, I am too busy pursuing Beyonces bump that I don't have time to find the article....

November 1 2011 Beyonce covers her baby bump on halloween, hardly nothing to see here.  Lets move along, folks.  The good shit is coming up soon!!! Stay with me, hookers and sluts LMAO!!

November 4 2011 (above) Beyonce enters an office building in NYC during her 8th month of pregnancy.

NOVEMBER 25 2011: Beyonce releases this video on 11/25 but she made the video supposedly on September 23 2011 according to the silly newspaper shes holding up.  It serves as proof of the date shes claiming, I guess Beyonce.....  She said in the video that she is 6 months pregnant.  So lets do a timeline, you guys.

03/23 - gestation
04/23 -  1 mos pregnant
05/23 -  2 mos pregnant
06/23 -  3 mos pregnant
07-23 - 4 mos pregnant
08/23 - 5 mos pregnant
09/23 - 6 mos pregnant
10/23 - 7 mos pregnant
11/23 - 8 mos pregnant
12/23 - 9 mos pregnant
01/23 - miracle baby if the bitch is still pregnant

Stay tuned for part 2 of this fiasco, this bitch may or may not be pregnant.  You see the pics so YOU be the judge.  I have NOT left any stones unturned so judge wisely!  Stay tuned for part 2!!!


  1. WOW who is this that wrote the article.. Somebody got alot of hate in they heart... Some heavy shit


  3. Case solved HoodRat good job!! Now find Diva Fish so I can get a good laugh. The two of you together is soooooh funny! Team HoodRat all day

  4. U are so done....check out a pic of beyonce when she was pregnant, clearly you can see her stomach....., maybe this will help you to stop being such a HATER.

  5. I just found it strange the way she revealed the pregnancy considering how guarded she is about her personal life.

  6. so how are yu due in feb. but have the baby early jan... #fishy

  7. Ya'll haters are crazy. I'm 4 months pregnant now and my "bump" (what little i have) really only shows up at the very bottom of my abdomen after I eat and when I need to go to the bathroom. So I completely understand how she can look flatter in some pix than in others especially if she wears a belly band under her clothes.

    1. What hoodrat is saying is that how are you gonna be big one month and smaller the next? It just doesn't work like that with pregnancy. You Beyhivers will always find a way to give this chick a pass.

  8. hoodrat,avoie....check out a pic of beyonce when she was pregnant, clearly you can see her stomach .

  9. When I had my first baby I didnt show til 7 months. I just looked like I gained weight. And I LITERALLY showed OVERNIGHT. One day I just looked pudgy the next I looked like I had a basketball under my clothes. Every pregnancy is different and every woman shows differently. If they wanted a surrogate or to adopt they would have just DONE SO! It's not unheard of nor is it 'taboo'... Sarah Jessica Parker had a baby then had twins by a surrogate. Angelina Jolie adopted THEN had babies.... so clearly if the woman says she's pregnant.... SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. She ain't have Blue,maybe she been pregnant a few times b4 but she was not carrying this baby.plain as can b

  12. Some People got a lot of time to then wht? Wht ever if is true or nt does it affect yr life? Please stop this nonsense.

  13. So Cute Baby And Offcourse So Cute Mumma Also Toshiba PVT-375BT may you live long and happy life!

  14. Erm... are you fucking nuts, cunt? Every single woman's pregnant belly shows differently, depending on your body build, tight or lose stomach muscles, were your genes predominantly store or don't store fat. I have 8 other siblings, my 5 sisters and I have got 17 children and two more on the way, between all of us. One of my sisters has my type of pregnant belly where we gain weight all over. And the other 2 put on weight and size on the tummy. And the other thing is, baby girl pregnancies are sometimes heavier with one of my sisters and her boys have less of an impact on her body. How you were your cloths can either enhance or make your tummy look smaller! I wasn't even a crazy Beyoncé fan but since idiots like you can't even comprehend the first thing about pregnancies I have had to back her up this, because from experience I can tell you, pregnant bellies are the same! Go speak to a GP/OBGYN and learn about it!