Monday, October 27, 2014

Damn! Blue Ivy Carter Nappy hair!!

Check out blue ivy Carter's hot mess hair.  No moisture, no detangling, and she's not very pleasant to look at, either.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ciara Baby pics

R&B singer, Ciara baby pics. Shes such a cute baby girl!

Diddy before he was famous

Sean Combs before he was famous.


FUTURE ZAHIR WILBURN 9lbs 10oz May 19 2014

First pics of Ciara out with Future Zahir

The baby is named after his dads stage name :/

EXCLUSIVE!!  Here is the first pic of Ciara and Futures' baby, FUTURE ZAHIR WILBURN!!  He weighed 9lbs 10oz and was born on May 19 2014.  Lets give a round of applause for Ciara and Future for having a fat healthy baby boy!  I assume she must've had gestational diabetes for that baby to be born so big.  WTF was she eating?!

Blue Ivy Hair is tangled, dry and nappy!

Blue Ivy Carter was spotted out in New York City in the arms of father, rapper Jay-Z, who happens to have a fresh hair cut but shes looking like ODB according to Syleena Johnson LMFAO!!!.  Why is her hair always ungroomed?  Taking care of your child involves bathing, feeding, and maintaining their hair.  Several individuals have come to the defense of little Blue Ivy by advocating untamed, tangled, dry hair.  In the past, Jay-Z has endorsed the hair product called Carol's Daughter

Jay-Z endorsing natural hair products

  Let me tell ya'll what I think of this childs matted up hair.  Everyone and their mama in the black community knows if we saw Taquisha from Apt 4b walking out with her daughter looking like this, she'd be all kinds of unfit moms and some of us would be so bold to call Child Protective Services on her.  Hair grooming is the same as brushing your damn teeth and washing your butt.  Blue Ivy looks a mess and the sad part is that the beyhive is condoning this foolery.  Look at her hair from past times:

Blue Ivy in public untamed and looking ratchet

Blue Ivy with a small bald spot, mom dressed and hair combed, Blue Ivy still in pajamas and uncombed hair

Blue Ivy at the airport, freshly rolled out of bed

Blue Ivy with her father, his hair freshly cut and her mom is most likely groomed under that hood

Blue Ivy looking cray as phuck, hair untamed
This is only a few pictures I decided to post of this childs hair.  If they would oil and moisturize it, it wouldnt be so bad.  One ponytail on top would be cute, too.  No one is going in on Blue Ivy Carter, we are simply stating that her hair needs to be groomed, detangled, and moisturized.  She can't do it herself!  Beyonce recently got braids and why didnt she allow that stylist to throw some natural hair product in Blue Ivy hair with about 6 cute braids and call it a day, rather a week.  Them braids would last that long, if not longer.
I am ashamed that her mother is a beautician and her aunt also advocates for natural hair, so why can't they do something to this poor childs hair.  Blue Ivy is on the path to having shedding, dry, matted, tangled, unruly hair and the importance of grooming your hair will not be embedded in this childs mind.  I guess she will cover it with blond weave just like her mom does.  Easy fix, huh.  Maybe Beyonce doesn't style this childs hair because she anticipates the child wearing weave for the rest of her life.
Sad sad sad....I wish I could call CPS on them and if I had their address, I certainly would!